The Geospatial Resources Division manages data and applications that benefit internal stakeholders as well as the public.  We strive to build one comprehensive data source that is shared among many users and applications to eliminate duplication of effort in a centralized GIS role.  We apply project management methodologies and best practices to support a variety of geospatial services and applications:

  • Provide expertise to manage the city’s central geospatial data repository and develop data layers in the Esri enterprise platform including server and desktop solutions.

  • Administer the Novi Enterprise Asset Management System (NEAMS) by configuring and expanding the Cityworks platform to support water, sewer, storm water, roads, signs, cross connection program, forestry, and park maintenance activities.
    Organically Growing an Asset Management System presentation

  • Design and provide access to publicly available interactive maps such as land records, natural resources, transportation, and community development through the Map Gallery.

  • Guide technology procurement through the budgeting process and assist the Finance Department with providing transparency for our taxpayers by mapping our Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects.

  • Partner with all City departments and external agencies such as Oakland County, SEMCOG, Novi Public Library, and school districts to coordinate GIS activities that eliminate duplication of data or services.