City of Novi Code of Ordinances
Chapter 28, Sections 28-1 thru 28-16

The City of Novi’s City Council recently updated the city’s Sign Code provisions on September 13, 2021.

The revisions that were implemented represent a balance of meeting the economic needs of businesses and industry, while still maintaining the community standards our residents expect and desire.

The Code Compliance Officers are responsible for reviewing Sign Permit applications and overseeing the placement of signage throughout the City of Novi.  Please contact the Code Compliance staff at (248) 735-5678 with any signage questions.

The City of Novi Sign Code may be found in Chapter 28 of the City of Novi Code of Ordinances on the Municode website, available here:  City of Novi Sign Ordinance.

The complete “Code of Ordinances and City Charter” are under the “Community” tab at the top of the home page on the City of Novi website.

Quick References

Temporary signs, except for banner signs, are allowed within the city without a permit.  However, there are restrictions as to the amount of time a temporary sign may be displayed, the allowable height, area, and number of signs, the type of temporary signs, and the placement of temporary signs.  No signs, whether permanent or temporary may be placed or erected in a public right-of-way.  Please turn-on (in the green circle at the bottom of the map page) “Layer Visibility” and view the Right-of-Way layer in the shaded regions on the City of Novi GIS Land Records and Parcels Map.

Permanent signs and Banner signs require a Sign Permit.  However, there is no fee assessed for Banner permits.  All signs in excess of one square foot require a sign permit; this includes private parking lot and drive signs.  Address signs less than four square feet in area, unless required by other codes or regulations, do not require a permit.  Please find the sign permit applications here:  Banner Permit or Permanent Sign Permit.

All Illuminated signs require an Electrical Permit; please find an Electrical Permit application here.

Ground signs require a monument base foundation, without any exposed posts; please find a Building Permit application here for a sign foundation.