The City of Novi Code of Ordinances requires a Temporary Special Exception Permit for tent sidewalk, or flower/plant sales that are accessory to a permitted principal use of a property, and seasonal sales of produce (i.e., fruits and vegetables), firewood, or Christmas trees and the temporary location of a temporary or premanufactured building in connection with the development of a property or construction of buildings thereon.  A packet of information is available in the Community Development Department, which is very helpful in assisting an applicant with the permit process. Included in the packet is the Temporary Special Exception Permit application, sign criteria, and a copy of the ordinance section pertaining to Temporary Special Exception Permits. Applicants are required to submit the application and all supplemental information (plot plan, drawn to scale) prior to the event requiring a Temporary Special Exception Permit. Applicants requesting the temporary use of a tent are required to submit NFPA 701 Flame Resistance Certification. Applicants hosting an event on property owned by someone else are required to submit a letter of approval from the property owner for the intended use requested.  All Applicants are required to provide a property sidwell number that may be obtained from the Assessing Department (248) 347-0485.  Applications are reviewed by the Building Official and all applicants should be available to answer any questions the Building Official may have regarding the safety of residents affected by the event as well as to confirm compliance with required city and state code. Once the Temporary Special Exception Permit is approved the applicant will receive a copy of the permit in the mail, which is to be posted at all times during the approved use dates for the permit.

Contact the Community Development Department 248-347-0415 for further information.

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