Master Plan for Land Use Review 2016

The Master Plan for Land Use Review 2016 will serve to guide the future development of Novi’s land uses (residential, commercial, office, and industrial), and establish a pattern for the location and character of future developments in Novi. The plan will present a vision for the future and identify strategies to assist the City’s decision makers in accomplishing the look and feel that is envisioned for the City of Novi.Master Plan Update Cover

The Planning Commission adopted the 2016 Master Plan for Land Use on July 26, 2017.

PDF Icon 2016 Master Plan Update - (adopted July 26, 2017)

On June 22, 2016, Planning Commission recommended to City Council to approve the release of the 2016 Master Plan for Land Use Update to all the neighboring communities and interested parties for a 63-day review period as required by State Law, and in conjunction with the Thoroughfare Master Plan (TMP). On July 11, 2016, City Council has approved the proposed Master Plans for distribution for review and comment. During the review period, public comments will be collected by staff and mySidewalk. After the 63-day review period (which ends on September 21, 2016), a public hearing will be scheduled by the Planning Commission(date to be determined) to hear verbal comments, review the comments collected by staff. Adoption of the plan will not take place until after the review period and public hearing. For quick summary of Master plan update, click here.

Community Open House (Presentation, Exhibits)

My SideWalk: Community Engagement Tool

2016 City of Novi Master Plan for Land Use Update

Through the Michigan Planning Enabling Act each community in Michigan is generally required to create a Master Plan for the purpose of guiding development and planning efforts in that community.  Once adopted, communities should review the plan for updates at least once every five years.  As a planning document, the Master Plan may project planning efforts up to 20 years into the future.

The City of Novi last updated the Master Plan for Land Use in 2010. Since the adoption of the 2010 Plan, development activity in Novi has continued at a brisk pace, including significant new residential subdivisions, high tech research and office developments in Novi’s Office Service and Technology Parks, and a numerous reinvestments in the existing regional and local shopping centers in Novi.

It is now time to review and update the plan again. The City would like to take a collaborative approach to the plan update, combining the experience of its Planning Commissioners and City Council members, gaining from the local knowledge of its residents and businesses, and using the skills of its professional planning staff.

The purpose of the plan update is to document and study current land use trends, and to present a comprehensive set of recommendations for the direction of land use and current development throughout the community. The City of Novi encourages the public to remain involved in this update process. We thank you for your continued interest in our City and in our future.

For questions or comments, please email Barbara McBeth, City Planner,

We will be posting updates on public participation and Comprehensive plan update process on this website. Keep Checking!

Community Open House

City of Novi hosted an Open House for gathering public input for 2015 Master Plan and Land Use Update on October 21, 2015. The City’s Planning staff and consultants presented exhibits on various topics presented at the Open House such as Existing Conditions, Housing Trends, Grand River Corridor, Future Land Use and Future Vision for the City. Many interested members of the public, developers and business owners attended the Open House and shared their thoughts. Members from City of Novi City Council, Planning Commission, Parks and Recreation Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Beautification Committee were present at the Open House interacting with the attendees. We will be incorporating comments from the Open house into our Master Plan Update.

PDF Icon Community Open House Presentation
PDF Icon Existing Conditions
PDF Icon Future Land Use
PDF Icon Grand River Corridor's Potential
PDF Icon Grand River Corridor Potential Enhancements
PDF Icon Housing Choices
PDF Icon Housing Trends
PDF Icon Retail Market Analysis
PDF Icon Vision Station


Master Plan Open House-Vision Station Display Master Plan Open House - View of Atrium

Master Plan Open House - Future Land Use Display  Master Plan Open House - Future Land Use Display

My SideWalk: Community Engagement Tool

The City of Novi is pleased to announce a new tool for community engagement to be used during the upcoming Master Plan Update process. My Sidewalk is an online place for those interested in the City of Novi to exchange information, ideas, and suggestions, specifically about the community’s current and future land use. By creating a free mySidewalk account, you will be able to participate in this exciting community forum.

The City of Novi will be utilizing this platform to explore collective ideas relating to community identity, transportation, housing, and other long-range planning concepts. Not only will you be able to post your own ideas and photos, but you will also be able to comment on and support ideas from others in the community. From time to time, we also may add a poll in which you will be able to cast a vote.

Ideas generated through this online platform will be shared with the City of Novi’s Planning Commission for further discussion and potential inclusion into the City’s Master Plan Update. A summary of the online discussions will be shared at the Master Plan Update community open house, tentatively scheduled for October 21, 2015.

PDF Icon My Sidewalk Engagement Tool Presentation / Information