Interpretation Guidelines is a web-based map of Novi which allows residents to view reported criminal activity near any address, select crime types and date ranges, and generate reports.

Users also are able to subscribe to Crime Alerts and receive updates via e-mail when new crimes are reported. To sign up for crime alert e-mails, click here. retrieves incident data every 24 hours from the Novi Police/ Oakland County Courts and Law Enforcement Information System (CLEMIS) records management system. Only crimes that have completed a review and approval process are displayed. Cases under review/investigation are excluded from the daily updates. Other crimes may not be posted due to the sensitivity and rights to privacy of the victims.

The site uses publicly available address information referenced along road geography to position each event in its approximate location. Novi crime data will be available to reference on this site for a period of up to six months.

Each map will have a legend detailing the types of crimes included on the map; it will also show the range of dates selected for the crime data. Dates and times for each specific crime(s) will be added either to the map as a visible layer, or on a separate spreadsheet.

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The information provided by the Novi Police Department through is susceptible to error due to the collection, entry, timeliness, and positioning of the data reflected. No warranty or guarantee is made or implied regarding the accuracy or reliability of the content or geographic location described on the map, its timeliness or sequence, or of the completeness of the data provided. The visual presentation of data is provided as a courtesy and not as an obligation. The Novi Police Department does not have dedicated staff available to assist in the interpretation of the data presented. Your use of this resource constitutes an acknowledgement that you understand this disclaimer’s terms.