Utilizing ordinance regulations for landscape, wetland mitigation and storm water controls, the staff of the Community Development Department works closely with developers to assure high quality and environmentally sensitive site designs.  In the past couple years the Northern Equities Group has begun developing the Haggerty Corridor Corporate Park on a large parcel located on Thirteen Mile and Haggerty Roads.  The lots created will go to new manufacturing facilities and business offices.  Already the Ryder Corporation has established their world headquarters on the site. 

The business park project includes wetland mitigation and large park-wide storm water control basins.  Basins and created wetlands built this year and last year are already establishing themselves well.  Ordinance requirements calling for the planting of native shrubs around the basin edges provide habitat while controlling Canada Geese populations.  Like the wetland mitigation areas, the bottoms of basins are seeded with native plant mixes and are not to be mowed.  Wildflower mixes were introduced along the borders of the newly created wetlands.  Already the wildflowers are taking root and providing a great deal of color even this late in the growing season. 

Congratulations to Northern Equities for working with the City’s Planners, Landscape Architect and Wetland Consultant in creating attractive, functioning environmental features!