The Engineering Division safeguards the motoring public and pedestrians by providing safe and efficient road networks, bridges and pathways as well as the planning, design, review and implementation of transportation infrastructure, construction programs, traffic engineering and engineering inspection.  The Engineering Division also implements procedures in order to control, collect and convey storm water to abate erosion, mitigate flooding and prevent waterborne disease.  Engineering and technical assistance is also provided to the Field Operations Division, Water and Sewer Division and the Community Development Department.

The role of the Engineering Division is to provide quality Civil Engineering services that promote public safety,  health and welfare in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner. The Engineering Division is primarily responsible for performing activities related to:

  • The planning, design and construction of public capital projects (i.e. public road and utility projects).
  • Engineering site plan review and oversight of the design and construction of private land development projects as they relate to Civil Engineering infrastructure (i.e. roads, grading, water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer components of residential, commercial and industrial development projects).
  • Coordinating and controlling engineering inspection of public and private construction projects.
  • Issuing permits for the construction and inspection of projects within the City's Road Right-of-Way’s.


Engineering Plans