Garage Sale Sign

Garage Sales and Yard Sales

Garage and Yard Sales are allowed throughout the year on residential properties within the City of Novi as an accessory use. Display of goods must take place on private property. Homeowner Association (HOA) rules not enforced by the City may also apply. Contact your HOA for additional information. See the Section below for guidance on temporary signage. Note signage of any kind is not allowed on public property or in the public Right of Way. Appropriately sized temporary signage may be located on private property near subdivision entrances with the permission of the appropriate property owner.

Temporary Signage Including Political, Garage Sale and Yard Sale Signs

Individual temporary Signs of up to 6 square feet and 4 feet in height are allowed on Single Family Residential parcels for a maximum duration of 64 days. Multiple signs are allowed totaling 10 square feet (i.e. 2 signs at 5 square feet each). Temporary Signs of any type are not allowed in the public right-of-way. During the 60 days preceding and 3 days following a city designated election day on which there is at least one ballot item, the total cumulative area of all temporary signs is increased to 64 square feet. The maximum size of any one sign remains 6 square feet in area and 4 feet in height.

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