In 1990, the Federal Government enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA required all public organizations to adopt a Transition Plan identifying physical obstacles limiting access to programs, services, and activities by persons with disabilities.

Novi has made a significant and long-term commitment to improving the accessibility of its public right-of-way. Previously the City has completed an ADA Transition Plan, which evaluated annually, is to ensure that the City of Novi identifies prohibited structural barriers to its public right-of-way and, where structurally feasible, schedules and implements ADA-required improvements to remove those barriers.

Any questions and matters concerning ADA-related matters should be directed to the City’s ADA Coordinator, Elise Marra, 248-347-0591.


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ADA Grievance Instructions Download
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2022 Notice Under the ADA Download
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2011 ADA Compliance Transition Plan Download