Is open burning allowed?

Woman standing next to a fire in a fire pitYes, under certain circumstances small recreational fires are allowed as long as they are:

  • Contained in a metal outdoor fireplace or some other non-combustible container.
  • Using only seasoned dried fire wood.
  • Kept at least 50’ from any structures or combustible materials (house, shed, garage, wood fence, deck, etc.).
  • Provide a means that will keep the fire from spreading to within 50’ of structures (garden hose turned on, shovels, metal rakes, etc.).
  • Be in attendance of the open burning at all times.
  • Completely extinguish the fire when done.

Can I burn yard waste or trash?

No, under no circumstances can trash or yard waste (leaves, twigs, branches, etc.) be burned.

Can I have a larger bonfire?

Bon fires are only allowed for religious ceremonies and a permit must be obtained from the Fire Department. However, a small bonfire no larger than 3’ x 3’, using seasoned dried fire wood, is allowed if the fire is within 30’ of a lake and must be kept 50’ from a structure.

All fires that are considered to be objectionable or complained about must be extinguished.

The Fire Department must respond to and act upon all open burning complaints.