Section 3-13 of the City of Novi Code of Ordinances requires an application and review process for the issuance of new licenses and the transfer of existing licenses into the city or between or among applicants.

To apply for a new license (often referred to as a quota license), you must first submit the license application to the MLCC, along with any license, permit, and inspection fees. For MLCC forms and information, visit . Currently, the City of Novi holds 7 quota licenses.

Once the MLCC has notified the City of Novi of the application for a new license or transfer of a license, the applicant must complete the City of Novi Liquor License Application and submit directly to the Novi City Clerk’s Office.
PDF Icon  City of Novi Liquor License Application

The application includes the following:

  • Questionnaires A, B and C
  • Non-refundable application fee
  • Site Plan
  • Building Façade Plan
  • Interior Plan with seating arrangement
  • Menu
  • Administrative Special Land Use
  • Any other pertinent information as requested by the Clerk’s Office

Please read Section 3-15(g) “Review criteria”, of the City of Novi Code of Ordinances. City Council will refer to the review criteria when considering the request.

Administrative Special Land Use

In addition to the Liquor License procedures noted above, any new establishment serving alcoholic beverages, and/or any expansion or significant change of site plan for an existing establishment, will need to follow the administrative Special Land Use public hearing process through the Community Development Department. The following must be submitted directly to the Community Development Department when a Liquor License application is submitted.

The applicant is asked to contact the Community Development Department Planning Division at 248-347-0475 to determine exactly what is needed for the Special Land Use application and site plan.

The Special Land Use and public hearing process will be handled by a committee represented by members of the Community Development Department, Public Works, and Assessing Departments for any new liquor license application, or for those applications that request an amendment to a site plan. The results of the special land use consideration and the public hearing process will be forwarded to the City Council for consideration along with the consideration of the Liquor License.

After consideration at a regular meeting by City Council, the recommendation for approval/disapproval is forwarded to the MLCC within 24 hours.

Any questions regarding the City of Novi Liquor License Application and local government approval, please contact the Novi City Clerk’s Office at 248-347-0456.

Any questions related to the Administrative Land Use process, please contact the City of Novi Community Development Department Planning Division at 248-347-0475.