Public Hearing Format and Rules of Conduct:

  1. Please turn off pagers and cell phones during the meeting.
  2. Applicant/Representative will be asked to come forth, state their name and address and be sworn in by the Secretary.
  3. Applicants/Representatives will be allowed five (5) minutes to address the Board and present their case. An extension of time may be granted at the discretion of the Chairperson.
  4. Anyone in the audience who wishes to address the Board regarding the current case will be asked by the Chairperson to raise their hands to be recognized.
  5. Once recognized, audience members addressing the Board will be sworn in and given three (3) minutes to speak as an individual or ten (10) minutes to speak if representing a group.
  6. Members of the audience will be allowed to address the Board once unless directly questioned by a Board member or the Chairperson.
  7. The Secretary will read the number of public hearing notices mailed pertaining to the current case. Responses will be entered into the record at this time.
  8. The Chairperson will ask for input from the Community Development Department Liaison, the Ordinance Enforcement Officer, the Planning Department and the City Attorney.
  9. The Chairperson will turn the case over to the Board for discussion, clarification and entertain a motion when appropriate.
  10. Impromptu statements from the audience during discussion by the Board will be considered out-of-order.
  11. A roll call vote will be taken to approve or deny the motion on the table and the next case will be called.