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Water Rates (for bills rendered after 8/2/23)


Meter Size Quarterly
5/8" 56.00
1" 80.00
1 ½" 174.00
2" 232.00
3" 665.00
4" 850.00
6" 1,778.00
8" 2,114.00
10" 2,425.00

$3.73 per 1,000 gallons of usage.

Sanitary Sewer Rates (for bills rendered after 8/2/23)


Meter Size Quarterly
5/8" 30.00
1" 50.00
1 ½" 85.00
2" 105.00
3" 320.00
4" 410.00
6" 850.00
8" or larger 995.00

$4.72 per 1,000 gallons of usage
$120.36 flat rate (Huron Rouge)
$109.69 flat rate (Walled Lake Arm/Novi Commerce)
$82.27 flat rate Lenox Park

Novi Water & Sewer Billing Facts

1. The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) uses meter data to record the City of Novi’s actual maximum day and peak hour usage factors. These maximum and peak hour usage factors have resulted in increased costs to us as our use patterns have changed since the 1980s. We are promoting ways to lessen our maximum and peak hour usage factors from GLWA in order to lower future rate increases to us. 

2. New users of the system pay for all water and sewer line additions. Therefore, Novi’s rates do not contain any amount for expansion of the system.

3. Nearly 80% of the water and sewer system is complete and paid for. As a result, the only outstanding water or sewer debt is for the North Huron Rouge Valley Sewage debt, with the final payment in 2009 (no direct City debt for Novi’s infrastructure).

4. Over 75% of the City’s water & sewer budget (excluding depreciation) is for payments to the GLWA for water and wastewater services.

Novi has one of the lowest markups on GLWA water rate. Our mark up of 17.35% is far below the 125% average markup of most communities.

If you have questions about our water or sewer rates, please contact us at 248-347-0440.

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