A Temporary Special Land Use Permit is required by the City of Novi Code of Ordinances for temporary buildings and uses for periods not to exceed two (2) years on undeveloped parcels within the city and for periods not to exceed twelve (12) months on developed parcels, with the granting of a twelve (12) month extension being permissible or temporary uses, not otherwise permitted in any district, not to exceed twelve (12) months with the granting of twelve (12) extensions being permissible that do not require the erection of any capital improvements of a structural nature. Portable concrete batching plants are also included under Temporary Special Land Use and are subject to special conditions outlined in the City Ordinance. A packet of information is available in the Community Development Department, which is very helpful in assisting an applicant with the permit process. Included in the packet is the Temporary Special Land Use application and a copy of the ordinance section pertaining to Temporary Special Land Use Permits. Applicants are required to submit an application and all supplemental information at least four (4) weeks prior to the use dates required. All Applicants are required to provide a property sidwell number that may be obtained from the Assessing Department (248) 347-0485. Please be aware that public hearing notices are mailed to property owners within 300 feet of the requested use address as well as published in the local weekly newspaper.

Temporary Special Land Use hearings are informal meetings comprised of the Building Official and the Temporary Use Permit secretary and are open to the public. Hearings are held in the Mayor’s Conference room fifteen (15) days after the public hearing notifications have been announced. The Applicant or a representative is required to attend the meeting to discuss the temporary use requested and answer any questions the Building Official may have regarding the safety of residents affected by the use as well as to confirm compliance with required city and state code. If the request is approved the applicant will receive a copy of the permit in the mail, which is to be posted at all times during the approved use dates for the permit.

Contact the Community Development Department 248-347-0415 for further information.

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